About Tricia Copenhaver

Originally from Humble, Texas, Tricia Copenhaver currently resides in Round Rock, Texas near Austin. She is currently a Field Sales Executive for Vmware.

Tricia wears many hats as  a businesswoman and a mother of two daughters, Ashlynn and Brooklynn. Tricia attended Humble High School and later continued on to Brigham Young University. In college, Tricia studied Pre-Med but emphasized in Psychology.


Tricia Copenhaver loves spending time outdoors. She even collects her own firewood!

Tricia decided to take a break from school and work full-time. Tricia worked in several restaurants and later for a Steamship line in Houston. After working for about a year half in Houston, Tricia moved to Utah in order to spend more time with her sister, Linae. In the early 1990s, Tricia and Linae experienced first-hand a horrific home invasion when they were teenagers visiting their family cabin in Oakley, Utah. After the home invasion, the girls decided to turn the negative experience into something positive by sharing their experience with others in order to help fellow survivors cope with similar tragedies.


Tricia Copenhaver loves spending time at the beach during summer!

Tricia has translated this positive energy in every aspect of her family life, ensuring that she and her two daughters spend as much time together as their hectic schedules allow. They spend time together through family date nights and through family vacations. The family especially bonds through sports, particularly when Tricia coaches their basketball and soccer teams. The family is incredibly active and shares their passion for exercise, sports and fitness.

Tricia and her family moved to Round Rock in 2002 because Tricia was transferred for her job while she was working for the company; Expeditors International as a Sales Executive from 1997 to 2002. Tricia has always striven to balance her work and family life in order to always make her daughters a top priority. Tricia and her daughters maintain the idea that family comes first and always make time for each other whether through vacations. date nights or sports practices.

About Round Rock 

Located within the Greater Austin area, Round Rock has a population of around 110,000 people. Round Rock is around 20 miles north of downtown Austin and has a hot, humid summer and mild winters. The city has a council-manager form of government. The Round Rock city council has 6 six city council members as well as a mayor. The residents of Round Rock elect the mayor as well as the city council in order for them all to serve the city. Round Rock’s school district encompasses 110 square miles and around 45,000 students are enrolled in the district’s five high schools. As far as sports, Round Rock possesses the Class AAA Pacific Coast League minor league baseball team Round Rock Express. The team was founded by Reid Ryan who is the son of Baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan who also owns the Texas Rangers ball club. Round Rock has named itself the “Sports Capital of Texas” due to its disc golf course, twenty-field baseball complex, five-field softball complex and seven soccer facilities. Not to mention Round Rock’s Rockin’ River Family Aquatic Center.