Family Spring Activity Ideas

An article recently completed by Real Simple chronicled several ideas to prompt families away from the television to embark on creative, productive and fun endeavors together. To start, the article details specific outdoor adventures that could be fun for the entire family. First, the article encourages families to volunteer together. Not only will this activity provide some much-needed family time, it will allow children to experience the joy of helping others. The article advises the parents choose a cause that is aligned with their child’s interests as to hold attention; dog lovers will enjoy an afternoon helping out at the local humane society. Precautions must be made, however; activities should be chosen carefully and must be age appropriate.


Sports are not only an enjoyable outdoor activity intended to draw the family together, they can also provide exercise as an alternative to video games and binge watching television series. The article advises families to shy away from things such as touch football, as it isn’t necessarily a fair sport for people of all ages and skill sets. Instead, Kick the Can and Capture the Flag are suggested, as they equal the playing field and require very little financial investment or equipment to play.

Camping is also a fun outdoors activity, which can be achieved with ease—pitching a tent in the backyard will certainly suffice as a fairly cheap alternative to setting out on a camping site. As soon as the sun sets, entertain each other with shadow puppets and ghost stories. With the introduction of new apps, such as Project Noah, children can turn this into an educational experience as well entertaining; the app allows children to snap a picture of any creature and find out instantly what it is.

Plenty of opportunities arise once children are forced to part with Netflix and embark on the great outdoors. The article encourages activities that also hold an exercise component, to be beneficially on multiple levels—creating both a happy and a health family.