The Grand Canyon—Family Trip Idea

The Grand Canyon has been a time honored family vacation spot for decades, and for good reason. It’s a massive landmark—two hundred and seventy seven miles in length, eighteen miles in width and a mile deep. For millions of years, the Colorado River has increased the size of this already amazing natural wonder.


The Grand Canyon is a great family vacation spot!

Due to the Canyon’s particular size and depth, the locale is naturally a popular vacation spot for families; it provides an excellent opportunity for families to reconnect with nature and the outdoors, as an alternative to television and video games. As a result, US News was prompted to compose some tips to entice further families to journey to the Canyon and offer assistance as to how to best navigate the site to get the most for their money and their time.

The article first indicates the top three must see attractions of the Canyon—the Grand Canyon Village, the North Rim of the Canyon and the Bright Angel Trail. From these three suggestions, advice is provided as to how to best navigate around the Canyon. The South Rim is easier to travel through than the North; a free shuttle bus provided by the National Park Service runs through the South, while a car is required for the North, where frequent road closures can be an issue. Checking the Canyon website for closures is a must, should a family feel inclined to meander through the North Rim.

As for best time of year to visit, the article cautions that summer is the peak season for the Canyon, which draws in considerable crowds and makes lodging limited. As an alternative, lodging is absolutely not an issue during the winter; but, it should be noted, much of the parks and attractions do close after the very first snowfall. As a result, March to May and September to November are an ideal time to visit the Canyon; the temperatures are cooler and the crowds are thinner.