Hilton Head Offers Family-Friendly Vacation Environment

Hilton Head island just off the coast of South Carolina has often retained a reputation as a family-friendly vacation destination. Even when one family chose to relocate to Hilton Head for spring break week, teenagers were rather scarce and families ran rampant, according to an article recently completed for The Courier-Journal. While the occasional group of teenagers was spotted tossing around a football, more often it was a view of toddlers and dogs playing a rousing round of fetch with their owners.

This particular family chose to stay at the Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, a two thousand acre property with over eight hundred hotel rooms and two thousand homes and villas. The resort has earned a reputation, achieving the high notability of making the Forbes Magazine Top Ten Family Resorts in the nation. Forbes particularly noted the resort is a positive experience for self-proclaimed “sporty families,” with a variety of opportunities provided by surrounding golf courses and tennis courts. With their Hilton Head Outfitters facet, a variety of sports equipment can be included in the vacation. The Outfitters will deliver kayaks to the family who desires a bit of extra adventure in their vacation.
Bikes and helmets can also be requested and delivered upon arrival and collected at departure. Even if sports aren’t the family’s idea of an excellent time, bikes are highly recommended; biking is the main mode of motility amongst the island. Conveniently, with this service provided by the resort, the individual need not provide their own bike, which can be a difficult concept when families travel from out of state to vacation.

Other activities are provided for those who don’t necessarily consider themselves athletic. The nearby Cove Harbour and Marina, yet another locale within a bike ride of the resort, is designed to look like a Mediterranean village. The marina includes one hundred and seventy boat slips, shops and six restaurants.