Hilton Head Offers Family-Friendly Vacation Environment

Hilton Head island just off the coast of South Carolina has often retained a reputation as a family-friendly vacation destination. Even when one family chose to relocate to Hilton Head for spring break week, teenagers were rather scarce and families ran rampant, according to an article recently completed for The Courier-Journal. While the occasional group of teenagers was spotted tossing around a football, more often it was a view of toddlers and dogs playing a rousing round of fetch with their owners.

This particular family chose to stay at the Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, a two thousand acre property with over eight hundred hotel rooms and two thousand homes and villas. The resort has earned a reputation, achieving the high notability of making the Forbes Magazine Top Ten Family Resorts in the nation. Forbes particularly noted the resort is a positive experience for self-proclaimed “sporty families,” with a variety of opportunities provided by surrounding golf courses and tennis courts. With their Hilton Head Outfitters facet, a variety of sports equipment can be included in the vacation. The Outfitters will deliver kayaks to the family who desires a bit of extra adventure in their vacation.
Bikes and helmets can also be requested and delivered upon arrival and collected at departure. Even if sports aren’t the family’s idea of an excellent time, bikes are highly recommended; biking is the main mode of motility amongst the island. Conveniently, with this service provided by the resort, the individual need not provide their own bike, which can be a difficult concept when families travel from out of state to vacation.

Other activities are provided for those who don’t necessarily consider themselves athletic. The nearby Cove Harbour and Marina, yet another locale within a bike ride of the resort, is designed to look like a Mediterranean village. The marina includes one hundred and seventy boat slips, shops and six restaurants.

Family Spring Activity Ideas

An article recently completed by Real Simple chronicled several ideas to prompt families away from the television to embark on creative, productive and fun endeavors together. To start, the article details specific outdoor adventures that could be fun for the entire family. First, the article encourages families to volunteer together. Not only will this activity provide some much-needed family time, it will allow children to experience the joy of helping others. The article advises the parents choose a cause that is aligned with their child’s interests as to hold attention; dog lovers will enjoy an afternoon helping out at the local humane society. Precautions must be made, however; activities should be chosen carefully and must be age appropriate.


Sports are not only an enjoyable outdoor activity intended to draw the family together, they can also provide exercise as an alternative to video games and binge watching television series. The article advises families to shy away from things such as touch football, as it isn’t necessarily a fair sport for people of all ages and skill sets. Instead, Kick the Can and Capture the Flag are suggested, as they equal the playing field and require very little financial investment or equipment to play.

Camping is also a fun outdoors activity, which can be achieved with ease—pitching a tent in the backyard will certainly suffice as a fairly cheap alternative to setting out on a camping site. As soon as the sun sets, entertain each other with shadow puppets and ghost stories. With the introduction of new apps, such as Project Noah, children can turn this into an educational experience as well entertaining; the app allows children to snap a picture of any creature and find out instantly what it is.

Plenty of opportunities arise once children are forced to part with Netflix and embark on the great outdoors. The article encourages activities that also hold an exercise component, to be beneficially on multiple levels—creating both a happy and a health family.

The Grand Canyon—Family Trip Idea

The Grand Canyon has been a time honored family vacation spot for decades, and for good reason. It’s a massive landmark—two hundred and seventy seven miles in length, eighteen miles in width and a mile deep. For millions of years, the Colorado River has increased the size of this already amazing natural wonder.


The Grand Canyon is a great family vacation spot!

Due to the Canyon’s particular size and depth, the locale is naturally a popular vacation spot for families; it provides an excellent opportunity for families to reconnect with nature and the outdoors, as an alternative to television and video games. As a result, US News was prompted to compose some tips to entice further families to journey to the Canyon and offer assistance as to how to best navigate the site to get the most for their money and their time.

The article first indicates the top three must see attractions of the Canyon—the Grand Canyon Village, the North Rim of the Canyon and the Bright Angel Trail. From these three suggestions, advice is provided as to how to best navigate around the Canyon. The South Rim is easier to travel through than the North; a free shuttle bus provided by the National Park Service runs through the South, while a car is required for the North, where frequent road closures can be an issue. Checking the Canyon website for closures is a must, should a family feel inclined to meander through the North Rim.

As for best time of year to visit, the article cautions that summer is the peak season for the Canyon, which draws in considerable crowds and makes lodging limited. As an alternative, lodging is absolutely not an issue during the winter; but, it should be noted, much of the parks and attractions do close after the very first snowfall. As a result, March to May and September to November are an ideal time to visit the Canyon; the temperatures are cooler and the crowds are thinner.

Family Vacation Spots In Texas

In Texas, there are quite a few destinations for families to explore if they choose to vacation especially during the summer months. The options include; water parks, theme parks and plenty of other family attractions to choose from. There are plenty of things to do in Texas for any family desiring a unique and different vacation experience.


There are several popular summer vacation spots in Texas.

Here are a few attractions that might be good options for your family over the summer break:

Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels: This waterpark is located in the Germanic Hill Country of New Braunfels and uses its natural settings to complement the overall atmosphere of the park. Nearby is the majestic and refreshing Guadalupe River.

SeaWorld in San Antonio: When you visit SeaWorld, you’ll be in for a visit which includes experiencing all the ocean has to offer. SeaWorld has marine exhibits, marine life shows, adventure camps, roller-coasters and a massive thrill ride.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio: Ever since being built in San Antonio, this park in particular has been a well-known, widely visited attraction. In fact, this theme park is especially well-known for offering the only floorless roller-coaster in the southwest. It also has 100 other rides to choose from!

Schlitterbahn Beach in South Padre Island: Arguably, this is one of the best and most visited waterparks in the entire country. Schlitterbahn Beach offers a range of water-slides, pools and rides that are great for the hot summer months.

Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville: The zoo is located at the tip of Texas and is recognized as one of the top zoos in the country. In fact, it attracts over 400,000 visitors each year. If you want to something to do in the summer besides visiting a water park, certainly keep the zoo in mind when planning your family vacation.

Moody Gardens in Galveston Island: This attraction offers pyramids and a few different aquariums. Besides these, the Island has an IMAX theater and a majestic rainforest. Moody Gardens is a must-see destination spot for Galveston visitors and anyone local to Texas.

Nasa Space Center in Houston: A different experience than visiting any of the water parks in Texas, the Space Center provides a historical view of the 1960s race to space. This is a perfect place for families to visit that are looking for an entertaining experience as well as an educational one.

For more ideas and information on these attraction, check out this article! Happy vacationing!